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Michael Robinson

This probably applies too for the "Earthrise" photographs taken by Apollo explorers on the moon. I wonder: what are the ways of studying these effects- both the ubiquity of a specific image and its effects? My rough way at getting at this (for 19th century texts mostly) was combing periodical guides of literature, and then, with the advent of databases, doing full text searches. Still these all approaches seem weighted towards examining the distribution of texts and images ... what's there to tell us about reception?

Philip Hatfield

I think you are right about the Earthrise images an many others too.

My initial thoughts with regard to indicators of reception is to look for other media which appropriate and further circulate the view (a very similar process to your work with 19thC texts) and I would pay particular attention to television and cinema. I think once these images become bound up in a wider exchange network (underpinned by active consumption), especially one where other cultural mediators such as commentators and reviewers begin to intervene, insights into the reception and interpretation of these images begin to creep through.

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